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Why to use our studies in analyzing user experience?

  • Instead of surveys, track actual behavior in real environment!
  • Benefit from our approach, utilizing device-based metrics, contextual questionnaires, and web-based surveys - providing a comprehensive view on user experience.
  • Technology-wise we are the only company to provide behavioral data analytics specifically for smartphone data.
  • We can launch scalable panel studies.
  • We have been in the industry for a long time, having developed frameworks to convert data into actionable insights.
  • We compare you to peers. We are a trusted clearing house of behavioral data.


In our consulting work, we arrange many kinds of studies. The biggest study is our continuous own project taking place globally, in which we are analyzing usage patterns of mobile devices and applications all over the world, monitoring industry trends across countries and device platforms. We are using this dataset in putting our clients on a benchmarking map, identifying deviance from average usage patterns.

For our clients, we typically arrange two kinds of studies. First, we arrange so called focus studies, which are not that long (1-3 months), with a smaller number of subscribers participating. We set up the study quickly with our approach, working closely together with the client. For the focus studies we have a clear picture of the expected deliverables, and this helps in setting up the study. In focus studies there are 1-3 core research problems that we set out to solve, or alternatively we conduct an overall health check by just relying on the dataset to figure out high-level differences to competition.

Second, our research programs are long-term by nature, consisting of either a set of smaller projects, or alternatively long-term continuous studies. Typically our clients who are using this approach are already convinced of the value-added of the MobiTrack approach, and want to integrate the insights into their daily business through constant collaboration with us. Over the course of the studies, we conduct trend monitoring, quality assurance, new service testing, along with a new number of other tasks. And we can always use the cumulative data collected in deep-diving to specific research topics.

Our teams are professional in arranging studies involving real customers. We know how to implement studies quickly, with privacy and communications with customers handled in a sophisticated manner. Our research framework is highly flexible, and requires no effort from you, besides helping in recruiting people. We have been doing this for years.

Ask our sales team for an offer of a study with you.